TimeLeft Free
To install TimeLeft Free, download to a temporary directory and run the installation program.

TimeLeft Deluxe
To install TimeLeft Deluxe, download to a temporary directory and run the installation program (refer to your registration email for more information).

Upgrade to new version
TimeLeft Free
Download the latest release of TimeLeft Free and install it in the same directory. Don't forget to close TimeLeft if it is running.

TimeLeft Deluxe
If you are a registered user of TimeLeft Deluxe you may upgrade at no charge to any newer release. Please refer to your registration email for the download link and install TimeLeft Deluxe without uninstalling the previous version - that will preserve your settings and data.

Lost registration email
If you've lost your registration email please use Resend Registration Form or email us.

Technical support
If case of any issues, please send us a detailed description (and screenshots, if available).
Also, to provide us more information about the issue, please follow these steps:
1. Email us bug report - menu Help | Maintenance | Prepare bug report.
2. Send your system configuration. Unpack SysRep (45K) to TimeLeft folder, and run sysrep.exe (More info ). Then send us produced sysrep.txt file.

Move data and setting to another computer
1. Old computer: TimeLeft menu Help | Maintenance | Backup Settings
2. New computer: TimeLeft menu Help | Maintenance | Restore Settings

Error during startup "Unable to save file", or "Invalid file name" - fixing

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us at timeleft@nestersoft.com

TimeLeft Free
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TimeLeft Deluxe
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