TimeLeft: Chronicles

TimeLeft history starts in the year of 1999.

1999 - TimeLeft 1

The very first idea was to create a simple skinnable countdown timer. This is exactly the reason why the application was called TimeLeft - countdown displays how much time is left till the event. TimeLeft 1.0 was a freeware.

So, the very first version of TimeLeft was just a simple skinnable countdown timer that supported only one floating countdown window:

Besides of displaying this floating countdown window, TimeLeft 1.0 could show a message, play sounds. TimeLeft 1.0 settings window was pretty simple:

After TimeLeft 1.0 release we started getting suggestions from our users: they really liked the idea and they were asking us to implement multiple countdown timers, they wanted more than one countdown in one application.

2001 - TimeLeft 2

This is how we decided to create TimeLeft 2.0. In that TimeLeft release were included multiple countdowns, also we added multiple clocks and stopwatches:

One more thing got more sophisticated: we added digit changing effect. The very first effect got named as Metamorphose .

Besides of multiple countdowns, clocks, stopwatches we also added Time Synchronization feature and improved countdown settings a lot. So, TimeLeft 2.0 was a really big step from TimeLeft 1.0.

In TimeLeft 2.0 we still allowed to use one countdown (and also one clock and stopwatch) for free - this was not changed since TimeLeft 1.0.

The reason, why we decided to move forward to TimeLeft 3.0 was the following: TimeLeft 2.0 countdowns, clocks and stopwatches were located in the same floating window, the only what could be changed - panels order, but panels could be located as a column only, they could not be separated. Also, our users were asking to implement a customizable layouts for countdowns, clocks and stopwatches.

2005 - TimeLeft 3

In the year of 2005 we decided to rewrite TimeLeft from the scratch, from zero point. It wasn't easy at all, but if we wanted to implement independent countdown, clock and stopwatch floating windows, editable layouts, we had to do this.

So, TimeLeft 3.0 was a really huge step far from TimeLeft 2.0. TimeLeft 3.0 includes tons of features: clock, reminder, tray clock, countdown, web-countdown, working days countdown, stopwatch, timer, sticker, auction watch and time synchronization; every instance of a countdown, clock, stopwatch, timer or sticker is a separate floating window; every floating window may have its own skin/font, layout and much, much more (not even easy to recall everything!):

TimeLeft 3.X is currently available on our web-site.

And again, in TimeLeft 3 we allow to use one countdown (and also one clock, stopwatch, timer, sticker, auction watch and reminder) at no charge - this still stays without changes since TimeLeft 1.0.


TimeLeft 1.0 comes in self-extracting zip archive.
Download and run it, when prompted enter folder for unpacking (e.g. C:\TL\).
Then start TimeLeft.exe (e.g. C:\TL\TimeLeft.exe)
That's it!

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