Folders and Paths

Understanding where TimeLeft keeps it's files, transferring TimeLeft data to another computer, deploying TimeLeft manually, etc.

1. Files locations
There are 2 sets of TimeLeft files:
  1. Program files (main executable files - one set per computer)
  2. Data files (settings and options files - *.INI, temporary and log files - for each user).

Program files by default are installed into Program Files\TimeLeft folder (CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES).
Data files are stored:
  - for Windows 95/98/ME/NT and below - into Program files folder as well;
  - for Windows 2000/XP/Vista and above - into Current User Application Data\NesterSoft\TimeLeft folder (CSIDL_APPDATA).

TimeLeft default files location for different Windows versions:
Windows TimeLeft Program files TimeLeft Data files
95,98,ME,NT C:\Program Files\TimeLeft C:\Program Files\TimeLeft
2000, 2003, XP C:\Program Files\TimeLeft C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Application Data\NesterSoft\TimeLeft
Vista C:\Program Files\TimeLeft C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\NesterSoft\TimeLeft
Data files location can be overridden by starting TimeLeft with the command line parameter -datafolder <new folder>.
E.g. timeleft.exe -datafolder c:\tl_data starts TimeLeft and uses c:\tl_data folder instead of default location.

<new folder>
can be equal to (or contain) $APPPATH$ - this variable will be replaced with the timeleft.exe folder. This is useful when using TimeLeft from the flash drive which can have different letters assigned.
E.g. TimeLeft\timeleft.exe -datafolder $APPPATH$ starts TimeLeft and uses current timeleft\ folder instead of default location

2. Data files folder structure:
*.ini settings files (tl.ini, reminder.ini, countdown.ini, stopwatch.ini, etc)
Log\ log files folder
Export\ countdown web-export folder

INI files are necessary for the TimeLeft operation. Rest of the folders can be emptied or archived/removed.

Windows 2000:

Windows XP:

Windows Vista:

2. Manual moving or deploying TimeLeft
To transfer all TimeLeft settings to another computer:
1. Install TimeLeft Deluxe and apply your license key.
2. Copy settings from the old computer: Move all INI files (located in the Data folder) into corresponding location on the new computer.

To manually copy TimeLeft to another computer(s) preserving all current settings - copy TimeLeft Program and Data folders into corresponding paths. TimeLeft doesn't use Windows registry.

You can place TimeLeft Program files in any folder, not necessary in the C:\Program Files\TimeLeft
If you want to place TimeLeft Data files in non-default location - use -datafolder command line parameter for running TimeLeft.
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