WorkTime® Corporate


Employee monitoring software

Monitor computer activities by employees.
Monitor software and document usage, Internet activities.
Monitor employee attendance.
WorkTime successfully monitors sites with more than 5000 employees. Field-tested.

WorkTime® Corporate employee monitoring software provides automatic employee monitoring for companies. The software is intended for employee monitoring in a local/distributed network.

Compatible with Windows, Linux, Windows Terminal Services, Citrix Server, Terminal Server.

Solve employee monitoring tasks with WorkTime software

Find out if computers in your office are used for non-business related purposes

Monitor Internet usage

Monitor software and document usage

Monitor employee attendance

Monitor employee productivity

Monitor laptop, Citrix, working from home, remote employees

Automatically receive scheduled reports

WorkTime - employee monitoring software

How it works

Automatic invisible employee monitoring
Employee monitoring is performed in the background and is absolutely invisible to the employee. It automatically records what activities employees perform on corporate computers, when and for how long.

What is recorded
WorkTime records all activities performed on a computer (launched applications, opened documents, visited web-sites) and the duration of each activity (when employees actually work with applications/documents and read web-pages). "Actual work" refers to an application/document being active (selected) while the keyboard or mouse is active. WorkTime monitoring is highly accurate and reliable.

Browsers - what is recorded: WorkTime records web-sites, URLs, page titles and the time when the activity was performed. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6/7/8/9, Mozilla Firefox 2/3/4, Opera 9/10/11, Google Chrome 4+ are supported.

System, network, installation
WorkTime Corporate is a client-server system that works either in a local or distributed network and is intended to monitor Windows/Linux-based computers. The system consists of a database, server application, administrative/reporting tool and thin tracking clients. Client applications are installed on each computer that needs to be monitored. Monitoring results are automatically sent to a centralized location. Reports are built using the administrative tool.

WorkTime system diagram
Important about WorkTime: WorkTime employee monitoring software is installed on your company's servers and all monitoring results stay on your company's servers.

Monitoring, but not spying
WorkTime is a monitoring software, it does not perform any spying: it does not record screens, keystrokes, email or chats content.

Terminal clients
WorkTime is designed to monitor employees' work under Windows Terminal Services (Remote Desktop Services) and Citrix Server (Citrix XenApp, Citrix MetaFrame Server, Citrix Presentation Server).

WorkTime Corporate is specifically designed for heavy loads - hundreds and thousands of clients. WorkTime thin client is optimized in such a way that it requires very little system resources. The Reporting application and database are optimized to process large volume of information.

Licensing and fees

WorkTime® Corporate is licensed per employee (for Terminal/Citrix Server it can be licensed ether per employee or per server). There is a one time license fee and no monthly charges. The license includes one year of technical support and upgrades to all new WorkTime versions for one year. Once purchased the license never expires and can be used without any additional charge.



You can evaluate WorkTime Corporate for 30 days before making any purchase decisions. The trial version of WorkTime Corporate provides full functionality allowing you to test every feature it has to offer.

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WorkTime Corporate
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Compatible with ...
Windows (desktop): Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Windows (server): Server 2003, 2008, 2008R2 and 2012 (32 and 64 bits)
Citrix/Terminal Server:WorkTime Corporate is also compatible with all versions of Citrix Server (Citrix XenApp, Citrix MetaFrame Server, Citrix Presentation Server), Windows Terminal Services, Terminal Server
Linux: WorkTime Corporate Client is also compatible with Ubuntu (both 32 and 64 bit) and any 2.6 kernel based Linux
Database: MS SQL Server and Firebird open-source database.
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"How does WorkTime employee monitoring software help us? We monitor employee attendance and performance. The software provides us the actual picture of how and when employees use company's computers."

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